British F3 - The Tatuus Mountune GB3 Car

Next Event:
Oulton Park
16 / 18 April

Next Event:
Oulton Park
16 / 18 April


Rear Crash Structure

FIA-approved carbon-fibre front and rear impact structures.


Rear Wing

Upgraded for 2020: Two-piece rear-wing assembly with aluminium honeycomb end plates. Upgrades for 2020 include new profiles for both the carbon fibre main plane and flap with angled back endplates, with the assembly allowing for an overall higher rear downforce setup. Combined with a slimmer engine cover with a fin along the spine will increase rear wing efficiency.



AP Racing 4-piston front callipers with fully floating vented and grooved front discs with 2-piston rear calliper and fixed vented rear disc; cockpit adjustable brake bias.



Sadev ST75LW six-speed sequential transmission fitted with optimised MSV GB3 gear ratio set and Sadev limited slip differential with fixed pre-load.


Rear Suspension

Twin wishbone suspension with pushroad actuation to ORAM two-way adjustable dampers and a range of adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars.



2-litre 230bhp spec Duratec engine with max torque of 235Nm, utilising a fly-by-wire throttle and Cosworth SQ6 engine management system.


Chassis / Bodywork

Full carbon composite and aluminium honeycomb monocoque manufactured by Tatuus Racing meeting current homologation criteria and incorporating FIA F3 safety standards, including rear diffuser.


Engine cover fin

NEW FOR 2020: The engine cover has been slimmed down and a fin added that will improve airflow to the rear wing.


Dimensions / Weight

Wheel base: 2750mm
Front track: 1600mm
Rear track: 1500mm

Weight: 495Kg ex-driver, ex-fuel



Side impact panels, HANS-compliant FIA head restraint and extractable seat.


Steering Wheel

Cosworth CFW277 steering wheel with integrated dash and gear change paddles.



Twin wishbone suspension with pushrod actuation to ORAM two-way adjustable dampers and a range of adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars. Ride height, camber and toe adjustment on both axles with, roll centre, anti-squat and anti-dive adjustments on rear axle and front and rear wheel tethers.



Dry and wet tyres to F3 specification supplied by Pirelli:

Front: Pirelli P Zero 200/540-13
Rear: Pirelli P Zero 250/575-13


Front Wing

Upgraded for 2020: Single plane front wing with adjustable composite front wing flaps, with updated end plates. Combined with changes to the wing installation, will allow for greater set-up variation at an increased downforce level.



NEW FOR 2020: The Advanced Frontal Protection fin in front of the driver has a clear safety benefit and will deflect debris away from the cockpit and act as a secondary roll structure.


Barge Boards

NEW FOR 2020: Barge boards in front of the side pod openings will help to increase overall downforce and channel airflow under and around the car more efficiently.

The Tatuus Mountune GB3 Car

The GB3 car was upgraded for the 2020 season onwards with revised bodywork and safety improvements, plus a new engine from Mountune Racing.

The powerful car benefits from a sophisticated aerodynamic package and increased downforce, elevating its pace to nearer FIA F3 levels.

The car utilises a carbon-fibre Tatuus chassis and is powered by a bespoke 2-litre 230bhp bespoke Mountune engine. The car meets all the latest safety regulations including side impact panels, a machined-from-solid front anti-intrusion panel, front and rear carbon impact structures, wheel tethers and extractable seat.

Improved aerodynamics include a highly adjustable front-wing, which was upgraded for 2020 with a revised installation and new endplates to increase downforce and set-up variation. The two piece rear-wing is also updated with revised profiles for the carbon fibre main plane and flap, and angled back endplates. An F1-style front splitter and rear diffuser ensures the car provides the most downforce in class.

A revised engine cover with a fin along the spine aids the rear wing efficiency, while barge boards in front of the side pods add to the modern look.

It features a six-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shift provided by Sadev and fitted with a limited-slip differential, unique to GB3.

An Indycar-style fin in front of the driver acts as a secondary roll structure as well as deflecting debris away from the driver.

Pirelli provides both dry and wet tyres to the GB3 Championship.

The braking system is supplied by AP Racing and features 4-piston front calipers and floating, grooved and ventilated discs with 2-piston rear caliper and fixed vented rear disc.

Twin wishbone suspension with two-way adjustable dampers and adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars will provide drivers with plenty of scope for set-up changes.