Silverstone race two penalty update – Lebbon reinstated as winner

Silverstone race two penalty update – Lebbon reinstated as winner

31 July 2022

Following the conclusion of GB3 race two at Silverstone this morning, penalties were issued by the Clerk of the Course which changed the race result. Tom Lebbon, Roberto Faria and Nick Gilkes were initially disqualified for setting fastest sector times under double yellow flags, with marshals in attendance at an incident.

However, after further investigations, it was found that marshals were not in the vicinity when the sector times were set, and so, the competitors have been reinstated into the results of the race. However, having still committed an offence, the three drivers will carry five place grid penalties to the next GB3 events they compete at.

The Clerk of the Course Decision reads: “Following a request from Elite Motorsport for a Right of Review in accordance with MSUK regulation C14.1.1, I find that:

“The Clerk of the Course agreed that there was new evidence and the Right of Review duly took place.

“The original decision issued by the Clerk of the Course stated ‘Car 34 set fastest sector 3 time with Yellow Flags/Lights at Brooklands with Car 21 in the gravel and marshals in attendance’.

“Elite Motorsport produced video evidence that appeared to show that, in fact, no marshals were trackside when the driver set his fastest Sector 3 time. The Incident Officer at Brooklands was not able to state that marshals were trackside on the lap in question.

“It is clear that Brooklands was still under Yellow Flag and, therefore, that there was a Flag/Light infringement.

“However, due to the new evidence, almost certainly and according to the further evidence produced by Elite Motorsport, the penalty is reduced to a 5 Grid Place Penalty at the next round of the GB3 Championship.

“In accordance with C14.3 the driver of Car 34, Tom Lebbon, should be reinstated in the results of Race 2 today.”

The ruling means that Lebbon reclaims his victory, while Faria and Giles reclaim their fifth and 12th place finishes. The revised result is shown below:

GB3 Championship, partnered by the BRDC, Silverstone race two revised result:

1. Tom Lebbon, Elite Motorsport, 10 laps
2. Callum Voisin, Carlin, +0.448s
3. Joel Granfors, Fortec Motorsport, +0.571s
4. Javier Sagrera, Carlin, +1.306s
5. Roberto Faria, Carlin, +1.747s
6. Matthew Rees, JHR Developments, +2.229s
7. Nico Christodoulou, Arden Motorsport, +3.743s
8. John Bennett, Elite Motorsport, +3.881s
9. Alex Connor, Arden Motorsport, +5.778s
10. Max Esterson, Douglas Motorsport, +6.543s
11. Luke Browning, Hitech GP, +6.843s
12. Nick Gilkes, Hillspeed, +8.691s
13. Marcos Flack, Douglas Motorsport, +10.691s
14. David Morales, Arden Motorsport, +10.843s
15. Cian Shields, Hitech GP, +13.028s
16. Tommy Smith, Douglas Motorsport, +14.175s
17. Mikkel Grundtvig, Fortec Motorsport, +14.988s
20. Ayrton Ori, Chris Dittmann Racing, +28.746s
DNF. Bryce Aron, Hitech GP, 7 laps
DNF. Zak Taylor, Fortec Motorsport, 5 laps
DNF. McKenzy Cresswell, Chris Dittmann Racing, 0 laps
DQ. James Hedley, Elite Motorsport, +15.601s
DQ. Branden Oxley, Chris Dittmann Racing, +28.148s