What they said: Brands Hatch race one

What they said: Brands Hatch race one

10 September 2022

Matthew Rees claimed his and JHR's first GB3 race victory this afternoon at Brands Hatch, as he led every lap of the 14-minute contest ahead of Luke Browning and championship leader Joel Granfors. Here's how the trio reacted after the race.

Winner, Matthew Rees, JHR Developments:
"I’m quite happy with it. Getting that launch off the line was the best thing we could’ve done. Obviously just getting the first corner right and pulling away, we managed two or three seconds on that lap. Just controlling the tyres, controlling the race as we did, Luke was a bit faster than me but being able to control the gap, control the tyres, not fall off that peak, I think that was the reason why we won today.

"I worried a touch about the rain because in the middle of the race we did have a bit, but honestly it didn’t make much of a difference, a touch more slidey than usual but obviously it stopped and the track was dry, not really an issue I think just another a roadblock on the way to a win.

We can go for another one tomorrow, P2 is not too bad a place to start, obviously could’ve been P1 but still, same as today get a good launch, first corner and just control the race and hope we can do the same."

Second, Luke Browning, Hitech GP:
"A big difference between quali and the race there, I really felt like I managed to find a few things in my driving, find a few things around the track and I think we made a few tweaks that helped me turn it on as well. It proved our pace, seemed to be absolutely rapid that session and the dirty air makes it so tough round here to overtake. Matt did a great job and it was a well-managed race, earlier on in the race I might’ve been able to have a go if I’d been able to push on closer. I think the dirty air screwed one up for us and then I had to drop back towards the end. Good points in the bag, I love this place, always nice to race round here.

"Getting down to the last few races of the season so it’s getting to crunch time, we’ve had some unfortunate moments this year, especially with such quick pace but the points we’ve gathered haven’t been representative. I think we’re making the most of it now, we’re getting on good form. We’re starting in P4 tomorrow so a good starting position and hopefully a good race."

Third, Joel Granfors, Fortec Motorsport:
"The start wasn’t the best. I just had too much wheelspin at the start and I lost to Luke and [John] Bennett and then they started fighting down to turn two which I used to my advantage and managed to sneak through on Bennett and then round the outside on Luke which I knew wasn’t going to happen in turn three. I knew he was just going to push me off on the exit so I just backed around and tried to attack into the next one.

"It’s so close now, I think it’s like six points now [between Granfors and Browning at the top of the standings]. It was tight with 11 but now it’s even closer so I’ve got to make sure I finish these races. I saved some tyres so hopefully we can have a good chance in the long run."