What they said: Donington Park race three

What they said: Donington Park race three

29 May 2022

Bryce Aron, Branden Oxley and Mikkel Grundtvig were the top-three finishers in the final race of the weekend at Donington Park. Here’s how the top-three reacted at the end of the contest.

Winner, Bryce Aron, Hitech GP:
“That was really good, I’m very happy with that. It’s not been an ideal weekend by any means but I’m definitely happy to come back with that and salvage something. I need to thank everyone at Hitech GP, they did a great job and gave me a really good car. So thanks go to them and everyone that supports me and all my friends back home in America too, I appreciate their support. I had a few people back home setting their alarms to watch the race, and I’m really happy right now.

“On lap one going into the chicane I went a bit deep on the cold tyres and bottomed out a little bit, and got a bit worried because of that. It wasn’t ideal because I got a bit loose, but we still had a big enough gap. I kept pushing and it was alright!”

Second, Branden Oxley, Chris Dittmann Racing:
“I got boxed in at the start but I’ll take second place, a good few points so it’s good.

“I couldn’t even see who was behind in my mirrors, I was gone. If I had a few more laps I’d maybe have got closer [to Aron] but he was on it, so I wasn’t going to challenge him today.

Third, Mikkel Grundtvig, Fortec Motorsport:
“When I crossed the finish line I thought I was P4, but apparently there was a penalty or something. I’ll take this anyway, I took a chance at the start to try and get Aron on the outside, but unfortunately Oxley got on the inside of me, and then all the way down the hill to turn four I was almost out to the grass and I had to get off the power. And then Smith was on the inside for turn four so I couldn’t do anything.

"I was getting closer and closer at the end and the tyres were coming in very late, so if we had three laps more I could challenged to overtake him anyway. But I showed I had the pace to be there and some good race defending. I don’t know what happened behind me but there was some good defending."