What they said: Silverstone race three

What they said: Silverstone race three

08 May 2022

Cian Shields claimed a maiden GB3 victory in the final race of the weekend at Silverstone, finishing just ahead of Nick Gilkes, with Hitech teammate Bryce Aron claiming the final spot on the podium. Here's how each driver reacted after the race.

Winner, Cian Shields, Hitech GP: 
"It’s amazing to be honest, I never expected this in the first year so I’m extremely happy. I couldn’t ask for better [from Hitech], they’re always spot on with the set up and they always seem to get there in the end, so I can’t thank the team enough.

"I’ve got two of the best team-mates around, obviously we need to look at the data and everything to just to improve, but one of the best.”

Second, Nick Gilkes, Hillspeed:
“That was a good one, a great race really. I had a really a really good start and tried to go for first, but Cian drove a fantastic race and he made very few mistakes, so congratulations to him.

"The car was amazing, I just made a few mistakes. When you’re second and right behind first you always want to go for it, but it was just me making a few mistakes, it was inexperience but a great race overall.”

Third, Bryce Aron, Hitech GP:
“It’s great for Hitech, I’m really happy to get my first podium in GB3. I’m really happy at the minute and I have to thank everyone at Hitech and all my supporters for really helping me get here. I had to get a solid start and try and get ahead of a few.

"We knew they were going to be some fast guys battling up, so it was trying to get up the field as far as you can and being able to attack for the lead as quickly as you can, because as soon as you get into the race it’s a lot more difficult to pass, as we found at Oulton and here. Luckily we were able to get a move and pick up two positions, so I’m really happy with that.”