Spa race one penalties

Spa race one penalties

03 June 2023

Following the conclusion of the first race of the weekend at Spa-Francorchamps, Clerk of the Course decisions have been issued which have changed the race result.

The drivers of cars 2 (Nico Christodoulou), 20 (Jarrod Waberski), 23 (Michael Shin) and 27 (John Bennett), have been penalised for overtaking when the safety car and yellow flag boards were shown. Each driver has been handed a 10 second time penalty, dropping them down the order in the final classification.

In addition, Shin has also been dropped one position in the race result for putting all four wheels off the track and gaining a lasting advantage over Bennett.

The full revised result is shown below.

GB3 Championship, partnered by the BRDC, Spa-Francorchamps race one final result:
1. Alex Dunne, Hitech Pulse-Eight, 8 laps
2. Callum Voisin, Rodin Carlin, +1.174s
3. Tymek Kucharczyk, Douglas Motorsport, +1.853s
4. David Morales, JHR Developments, +3.751s
5. Gerrard Xie, Hillspeed, +4.650s
6. Max Esterson, Fortec Motorsport, +7.656s
7. McKenzy Cresswell, Elite Motorsport, +10.453s
8. James Hedley, Arden VRD, +10.722s
9. Joseph Loake, JHR Developments, +11.194s
10. Costa Toparis, Rodin Carlin, +13.093s
11. Edward Pearson, Fortec Motorsport, +14.372s
12. Nico Christodoulou, Arden VRD, +14.502s*
13. Souta Arao, Hitech Pulse-Eight, +14.542s
14. Lucas Staico, Douglas Motorsport, +14.893s
15. John Bennett, Rodin Carlin, +16.471s*
16. Michael Shin, Hitech Pulse-Eight, +15.426s* **
17. Ayato Iwasaki, Elite Motorsport, +16.877s
18. Oliver Stewart, Elite Motorsport, +17.101s
19. Jarrod Waberski, Fortec Motorsport, +19.682s*
20. Zak Taylor, Chris Dittmann Racing, +1 lap
DNF. Matthew Rees, JHR Developments, 1 lap completed
DNF. Noah Ping, Arden VRD, 0 laps
DNF. Arthur Rogeon, Chris Dittmann Racing, 0 laps
DNF. Shawn Rashid, Douglas Motorsport, 0 laps
DNF. Daniel Mavlyutov, Hillspeed, 0 laps 

* 10 second penalty
** Position reversal