Spa race two penalty

Spa race two penalty

03 June 2023

Following the conclusion of the second race of the weekend at Spa-Francorchamps, a Clerk of the Course decision has been issued which has changed the race result.

The driver of car 5 (Matthew Rees) has been dropped two positions in the race result for putting all four wheels off the track and gained a lasting advantage when overtaking Nico Christodoulou.

The penalty drops him below Christodoulou in the final result, which is shown below.

GB3 Championship, partnered by the BRDC, Spa-Francorchamps final race two result:
1. Alex Dunne, Hitech Pulse-Eight, 9 laps
2. Callum Voisin, Rodin Carlin, +1.995s
3. McKenzy Cresswell, Elite Motorsport, +3.027s
4. Gerrard Xie, Hillspeed, +7.640s
5. Tymek Kucharczyk, Douglas Motorsport, +10.020s
6. James Hedley, Arden VRD, +11.019s
7. Edward Pearson, Fortec Motorsport, +15.197s
8. Nico Christodoulou, Arden VRD, +16.305s
9. Matthew Rees, JHR Developments, penalty
10. Joseph Loake, JHR Developments, +16.819s
11. Jarrod Waberski, Fortec Motorsport, +18.208s
12. John Bennett, Elite Motorsport, +18.502s
13. Costa Toparis, Rodin Carlin, +19.049s
14. David Morales, JHR Developments, +19.612s
15. Oliver Stewart, Elite Motorsport, +22.640s
16. Lucas Staico, Douglas Motorsport, +23.872s
17. Arthur Rogeon, Chris Dittmann Racing, +28.234s
18. Ayato Iwasaki, Elite Motorsport, +29.857s
19. Shawn Rashid, Douglas Motorsport, +32.040s
20. Zak Taylor, Chris Dittmann Racing, +37.660s
21. Noah Ping, Arden VRD, +43.756s
22. Daniel Mavlyutov, Hillspeed, +1m22.055s
DNF. Souta Arao, Hitech Pulse-Eight, 3 laps completed
DNF. Max Esterson, Fortec Motorsport, 2 laps
DNF. Michael Shin, Hitech Pulse-Eight, 1 lap